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Product Specifications

B-Grip  B-Grip Camera Belt Holder  

Main specs

Type: Strap / Vest:  belt grip

Material:  Not Specified


B-Grip-B-Grip Camera Belt Holder-Camera Straps & Vests


Waterproof Capabilities

Not Available

Main Features

The new b-grip Camera Holster, an innovative, belt-mounted holster that keeps your DSLR camera securely connected to your body when you are on the move. The quick-release plate allows fast and easy access to your camera so you can grab it quickly to take a shot.
The universal, patent-pending design holds any DSLR (maximum load of 8 kg) by simply attaching the quick release plate to the tripod mounting thread of your camera. The quick-release plate also fits many standard tripod heads, making it easy to transfer your camera from the belt to a tripod. A convenient, flip-out bracket on the bottom of the quick-release plate can be used as a convenient table-top platform. The base of the b-grip can also be used as a pedestal stand to help stabilize your camera.
The design of the b-grip™ spreads the weight of the camera, making it extremely comfortable to wear while still holding your camera firmly in place, reducing the chance of impact damage. By reversing your camera in the holster mount so it is facing upwards, it’s easy to make quick lens changes.
The b-grip™ Camera Holster includes the holster with quick-release plate, adjustable belt, safety tether, and a waterproof cover to protect your camera from the elements.


Type: Strap / Vest

belt grip


DSLR Camera





Not Available

Closing Mechanism

not specified

Memory Card Compartment

Not Available


Not Available

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