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Glide Gear  JB4 Quick Jib  

Main specs

Type:  Crane

Overview:  4 Ft PORTABLE TELESCOPING VIDEO CAMERA JIB CRANEIntroducting the latest in ...


Glide Gear-JB4 Quick Jib-Video Camera Accessories
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Introducting the latest in portable camera crane design from Glide Gear. The Quick Jib boasts unique features like dual camera placement, you can choose to place your camera/tripod head on the L-bracket or the top of the jib, or you can place two cameras on the jib at the same time to get two similar but different repeatable perspectives on your shot. The possibilities are staggering.
Both mounting positions come with a 3/8-1/4″ adaptor and a spirit level. The Quick Jib is also telescoping so you have a range of jibs in just one unit, which, measured from the distance of the fulcrum ranges from 20″ to 4′ measured from the fulcrum (tripod mount) to the distal end of the jib, gives you an extremely wide range of possibilities. The Quick Jib is made from lightweight 6061 CNC machined aluminum, with tight tolerances, and a sleek black scratch-resistant coating for smooth operation. Designed for DSLR cameras, it can easily be set up and put away in its carry bag so you can conveniently bring it with you to any location. The Quick Jib is built to accommodate standard size weights for counter-balance (weights not included) or you can use sandbags as an alternative.


Features and Specifications:

  • Telescoping Quick Jib that ranges from 20″ to 4′ long (6.5 ft total length)
  • Lightweight CNC machined 6061 aluminum
  • Vivid black (scratch-resistant) coating
  • Dual mounting options for different perspectives, can accommodate two cameras at once
  • Packs down to 20″ into a small carry case for easy portability
  • Total weight 6 lb
  • What you see is what you get, comes with all parts seen in pictures (except weights), including carry bag
  • Made for cameras 0-6 lb
  • Lifetime warranty for material and manufacturer defects


Camcorders, DSLR cameras


Glide Gear

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