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Product Specifications

OpTech  Utility Strap - Swivel - Black #3501072  

Main specs

Type: Strap / Vest:  Strap

Material:  neoprene pad with non-skid surface, nylon webbing, plastic tabs and metal s...


OpTech-Utility Strap - Swivel - Black #3501072-Camera Straps & Vests



Adjustable, 40" - 53" (101.6cm - 147.3cm)

Closing Mechanism

connection type: 3/4" metal swivel hooks

Memory Card Compartment

Not Available


Not Available


Waterproof Capabilities

Not Available

Main Features

  • Comfortably carries heavy equipment with the internal controlled stretch system and Lycra binding
  • Evenly distributes weight with it's curved neoprene pad
  • Full non skid surface keeps the strap on your shoulder
  • Available in Swivel, Sling and 3/8" versions to accommodate a variety of gear
  • Made in the USA

The UTILITY STRAP™ offers a streamlined option for carrying small bags, battery packs and much more. The neoprene, internal support foam and non skid surface are bonded together to form a comfortable, durable strap that can make carrying extra gear a joy. It is now available in three versions.

The original UTILITY STRAP™ - Swivel incorporates 3/4" (1.9cm) webbing, quick disconnects and rugged locking swivel clips.

The UTILITY STRAP™ - 3/8" uses 3/8" (9.5mm) connectors and is designed to fit film or digital cameras and binoculars.

The new UTILITY STRAP™ - Sling offers rapid access to your camera or binoculars while maintaining the security of a strap worn across the shoulder. Using OP/TECH USA's exclusive Uni-Loop connectors, your gear hangs securely at your side and will glide up and down the sling without interfering with a camera's tripod connection. Two Uni-Loop connectors allow for use with a pro battery pack and offer even more options for carrying gear.


Type: Strap / Vest






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