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Product Specifications

Phottix  Ares II Wireless Flash Trigger - Receiver Only  

Main specs

Brand:  Phottix

Type:  Wireless Receiver

Compatibility:  Most flash units

Features:  2.4GHz wireless remote trigger systemSingle pin hot shoe trigger.Support Ca...


Phottix-Ares II Wireless Flash Trigger - Receiver Only-Flash Accessories
Description Specifications





Wireless Receiver


Most flash units


  • 2.4GHz wireless remote trigger system
  • Single pin hot shoe trigger.
  • Support Canon / Nikon / Sony (MIS) / Pentax Flash
  • 16 Channel system with 4 Group (A/B/C/D)
  • 4 digi code (0000 – 9999 channel 5-16)
  • Channel 1~4 support Strato II Transmitter
  • 3.5m mono phone jack for Studio flash trigger.
  • LCD display with green back light
  • LED for status.
  • Screw lock metal hot shoe stand with M1/4” screw mounting hole.

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