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Product Specifications

ProMaster  Advanced Travel Adapter - AC and USB #9190  

Main specs

Type:  Adapter

Compatibility:  AC and USB


ProMaster-Advanced Travel Adapter - AC and USB #9190-Smartphone and Tablet Accessories







The ProMaster Advanced Travel Adapter is a great way to adapt your electronics to AC wall outlet receptacles around the word. It can be configured in many way for connection to outlets in over 150 countries. A safety fuse (user replaceable) is included to protect from overloads. Two USB-A ports can be used for device charging as well. The USB ports dynamically adapt their voltage to your device's needs with a maximum outpout of 2.4V per port and a maximum total output of 3.4A when used simultaneously. When using the AC port (not the USB ports) the Advanced Travel Adapter provides a wall connection but does not convert voltage. Many electronic devices have their own internal voltage converters for worldwide use, but not all. Be sure to check the maximum input for your device against the output of the AC outlet you intend to use before connecting it. A spare fuse is also included for your convenience.


AC and USB



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