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Product Specifications

ProMaster  PRM-1000 Remote Studio Monolight - 1000ws #6077  

Main specs

Type of Light:  Monolight


ProMaster-PRM-1000 Remote Studio Monolight - 1000ws #6077-Studio Lights

Reflector/Diffuser properties


Not Available


Not Available

Light properties

Modeling Light

150W Modeling Light

Modeling Light/Flash tube Number

Not Specified

Guide Number

Not Specified

Flash Triggering

Wireless, Photo cell, Test button, Wired flash cord

Recycling Time

2.0 s, 1.0 s

Fuse Rating

Not Specified

Temperature Control

Fan cooled

Reflector Mount

Not Available

General specifications

Type of Light



PRM-600 Remote Studio Monolight (x1), Remote control


PROMASTER PRM SERIES REMOTE CONTROL STUDIO MONOLIGHTS are full featured high power studio monolights with a full function remote control that offers you the ultimate convenience of controlling all of the flash functions from your camera or work table. The sixteen channel remote allows you to control flashes individually or in groups giving you the ultimate control of your lighting creativity.

  • 2.4GHZ full function remote control with LCD screen
  • 16 channel operation for individual or group control
  • Advanced IGBT flash circuitry for fast recycling and precise control of flash output
  • Remote operation up to 328’/100m
  • Fan cooled for longer component life
  • Dual receiver sensors for added sensitivity

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