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Product Specifications

ProMaster  UDMA Compact Flash Memory Card 64GB -#5009  

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Main specs

Type:  CompactFlash

Capacity:  64GB

Speed:  420.0 x

ProMaster-UDMA Compact Flash Memory Card 64GB -#5009-Memory cards, tape and discs
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420.0 x


Todays professional digital cameras capture the highest resolution images ever, at lighting fast speeds. The large images they produce, however, can load your camera buffer and ultimately make you wait to take the next picture. PROMASTER's Professional High Speed UDMA CompactFlash is designed to give you the fastest performance in your digital camera or other data-intensive device. PROMASTER UDMA Compact Flash Cards are fully compatible with all compact flash devices and offer ULTRA HIGH SPEED 305x or 420x data transfers when used with a UDMA enabled device. 305x and 420x UDMA High Speed Compact Flash memory cards feature a LIFETIME WARRANTY.

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