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Product Specifications

ProMaster  USB 3.0 SD UHSII Card Reader - Dual Slot SD #6691  

Main specs

Supported Memory:  SD


ProMaster-USB 3.0 SD UHSII Card Reader - Dual Slot SD #6691-Memory Readers
Description Specifications


Supported Memory


Computer Connection

USB 3.0

Transfer Speed

Not Available

Write Support

Not Available

Additional Features

Dual-slots (SD x 2)

  • Durable: aluminum housing and professional grade components provide reliability
  • Fast: USB 3.0 computer connection and SD UHS-II memory slots work together for maximum performance (ideal for RAW and 4K)
  • Intelligent: Dual slot design allows transfer and copying of files between cards easily
  • Portable: Small size makes it easy to take your reader anywhere for transfers and backups while traveling

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