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Gitzo  GS5160CDT Arca Quick Release Plate Adapter  

Main specs

Overview:  This adapter is a smart solution that fits standard 'arca style' qu...


Gitzo-GS5160CDT Arca Quick Release Plate Adapter-Tripods, Monopods and Support Accessories



This adapter is a smart solution that fits standard 'arca style' quick release plates on standard Gitzo quick release adapters. It works on a simple principle. It has to be inserted into a Gitzo profile C quick release adapter (please refer to the enclosed compatibility chart) and it safely locks into position, thanks to the Gitzo safety system. Now your head is ready to accept a standard 'arca style', quick release plate. In order to lock the 'arca style' plate into position, just use the standard locking knob or lever. The Gitzo adapter inner part is created to act like a spring and to solidly lock your plate into position. The GS5160CDT adapter is made of high quality machined aluminum and features the new perfected PTFE surface treatment that guarantees maximum smoothness and does not scratch quick release plates. Important Note: Arca style plates can have different width measurements depending on brand and specific model. The Gitzo adapter is compatible with the 'arca style' plate within a specific range of width and it does not cover all the possible widths available in the market. For this reason we recommend before purchasing, to always check the compatibility of the Gitzo adapter with the specific quick release plate you are going to use. It is very difficult to precisely measure the width of the 'slopes' of these quick release plates, and even tiny differences can create very different results.


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